The Valley

Weird Tales from the Third Planet, Elepharmers, 2013

You and me and our friends, exploring valleys of green Emerald winter path marked by the warm of the sun Surrounded by evergreen, a slow parade through the ancient oak-trees In the silence, mushrooms singing nursery rhymes of childhood’s days Suddenly into the glade We felt her presence but we weren’t afraid We heard her voice talking through the trees A softly sound blowing in the breeze “Silver Veins was my regal name I’ve been here before the human’s age Man forgot his thoughtful mother Man betrayed his lovely sister Believe in me, these stones can speak Put the right question, don’t waste this trip. Remember me and these rusty pylons These crumbled walls of broken bricks. Grey ruins into the sacred forest Men’s failure lie in eternal rest The Iron Century of man suffering In my maternal embrace has its silent decay”.

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