The Thickset

Rimargina, Dancæstral, 2018

On this side of the nowhere I’ve redeemed my spirit of living in, while I cannot pretend to being out and tear apart what all I found. I can’t breathe in this fake world, I realized that both of you are still lying, misunderstood the way of flesh appeared to us.


Rit. Old time holds me, through it I’m live


Wear this gift from the top shell

(You) criticize the way I forget the net spell

I’m still afraid of godliness, it makes no sense, do not for me

I can’t find no another way, in search of this bleeding the eyes, bleeding me

I will not pay for all your faults, just fuck yourself!


Rit. Old time holds me, through it I’m         live

Your proud learning for me is a lie


‘Cause supremacy’s warrior, the entire world’s looking down and disguise itself

Make of this earth a mass of slaves, who kneel their minds to some who play along, always for more, only to play you cut ‘em off, you filled a game who was going to break,

And by now the time has passed on us

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