A gut feeling

The Rippers, Slovenly Records 2017

Review of Daniele Mei, translated by Daniela Schirru

The Rippers are coming back!

I think it isn’t an outrage to say that the rock-band that most represents Sardinia in the world is theirs.

Yes, these four rippers of all that passes in their surroundings.

I remember

that only some years ago at one of their concerts, I lost my hearing for 4 days, but I could not go away, as it was the cathartic power of this unchained and no-way-out rock music. I was perhaps the only one who had hold up so much against the surroundings of the stage, in that narrowed parallelepiped not designed for music. As I were the only prey, these maniacs had managed to take. The other onlookers kept on a safe distance and watched my limbs’ sacrifice by the four as if we were in an arena with the lions ripping the unsuccessful hero, among beers and vintage’s flutes, between amazement and incredulity laughter’s.

Every now and then, some arm tried to save me, but the pleasure I felt in my sacrifice was stronger than ever and I have inevitably put myself in their auditory aggression’s hands.

Album of the year

The cutting-edge guitars of Ripper I and II, their moving on stage like obsessive, the harmonic that crosses unexplored parts of my brain were leaving me a mark. And those rhythms: the raw, pulsating defined Ripper III’s bass and Ripper IV’s drum that burns all like an hot black asphalt, remained it.

A Gut Feeling did not arouse very much the group’s depravation. Their fifth studio album and the third one for the American garage-rock label’s pillar Slovenly Records catches with a freshness that is considered a rarity for a band that has been around since 2001.

A lot of time, Piece of my heart, put you insolence in these hyper-accelerated Sixties punk-rock-blues rhythms: Sonics, Yardbirds, Them, but also Cynics, Oblivians, Morlocks, Detroit Cobras. Pain beats in the head like a smashed engine that persists and keeps on striding majestically. If Shiny and Brown is a light-headed kick in the ass, the wickedness is total in One Care where the harmonic is something of memorable and timeless, and the bass rhythm a flame in the sky: masterpiece!

It’s gone, then the epic ride of So Loud, I love the elasticized bass in Stop to drive me mad, another remarkable gem, which is a companion to Don’t get along and to the overwhelming She told me later. Scream, a worthy conclusion of my favorite group’s work, closes the discourse.

I cannot hide that this album will be my yearly favorite one.


Go to the testi page and listen to A gut feeling on Spotify. 


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