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Sa Scena Sarda wants to be a meeting point and an instrument for those who love and deal with music in Sardinia.

A meeting point where one can find a spark to fall in love with a band, a record, a song, which we would hardly have a chance to find except in the magnificent, but chaotic social media world. An instrument in which those who want to promote their work can propose it and we can evaluate how to give voice through our channels.

S.S.S. will feed itself of the music coming from the Sardinian Island, that is not only sea and tradition, but it’s others more. Within the limits of its means, it will sneak in the thick branches of undergrowth to look for artists, concerts, festivals, scenes, records that like fine mushrooms are born to satisfy the most curious, living and refined palates.

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Emiliano Cocco photo

Without any kind of limitations, we will try to tell what happens in this world through reviews, interviews, written and photographic reports of concerts and festivals, dedicated playlists, and more other information and stories.

In addition, we will try to grow this project with the dream of making it become a reference point for island music information.

My need and that of my present and future collaborators is therefore to tell a better world than what others describe, through one of the most powerful communications media in the world:

The Music.

Daniele Mei


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