the eart and the void 2017- the loneliest of wars- sa scena sarda - review

The Loneliest of Wars

The Heart And The Void, Le Officine 2018

Review of Daniela Schirru

It is a soft tones hug that can explode in a spectrum of warm and cold colors, The Loneliest of Wars by The Heart & The Void, Enrico Spanu’s artistic project. The record is come out for Le Officine, the new musical reality from Cagliari.

The young musician from Cagliari is inspired by a strong tendency to pop-folk music that caresses the deepest strings of the soul. Cradled by the waves of a sea that absorbs the silence of anyone who listens to this album.

It is an album of soul, indeed of many souls, who meet in a lifetime.

It flows slowly and harmoniously, following the rhythm of the thoughts. Then going far away, like those waves that break up gracefully on the rocks, attracted by that sea anguished by many no sense emotions.

 the loneliest of wars-the heart and the void- sa scena sarda- the loneliest war- 2017

The lyrics

An island might not be the end takes you by hand, taking out of this island, like in a movie where friends get together after a nostalgic adventure. Notes that you can taste. The sound of the artist’s voice cradle you in a game of fluctuating melodies in a multicolored labyrinth. The final arches in closure.

In Me and Ethan is present a mix of instruments intertwined in a sort of dance explosions inspired by a vaguely British atmophere, with Enrico’s voice that intensifies in every word sung, supported by Giulia Biggio’s beautiful voice.

Like a Candle, present in our November playlist, moves with an almost tribal rhythm, a rhythmic dance of animals in freedom.

A Heart like a Graveyard is a devoted arpeggio, that creates an hypnotic thrill making it almost an intimate hymn.

A musical journey that takes us to relive the rhythm of hundred-of-years country-blues, those never forgotten ballads, still alive in us. Emotions that echo in our lonely going to war against ourselves, against our thoughts, our souls. 

the heart and the void- the loneliest of wars - sa scena sarda

A war of loneliness,

citing the album’s title, those solitudes every artist lives and in which feels the need to dwell, expressing them with art.

In the final Her hair was like sand The Heart & The Void’s voice falls, crossbreeding with that of Federico Pazzona, known as Beeside. As it is the projection of the flow of the end credits in a drama movie. Like when the screen becomes black and some images of initial and carefree moments touch you and tears come to your eyes.

In these his songs there is Enrico, in all his bones, his feelings, his circadian rhythm: a pursuit of words, sounds, inspired by various musical experiences he met during his life.

The Loneliest of Wars is an intimate album, full of interweaving sounds, simple passages, refinement and a lot of passion. Tracks not purely sad but that look so far away, beyond that sea that seems to divide everything, but that in reality we all try to breathe the air of free.


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