The kid & the cloud

Rise, The Defiance, 2017

My guitar shine
On the river before our house
And I don’t let the distance makes you lose your smile
I’m floating on a cloud
And I feel woman’s whisper

You sink in my own disaster
I’ll not let you drown in it
Eyes too small to understand
Push back, in every breathe

I can touch my cloud above my head
And the moon cover my skin
They look for shelter in my cot
A poet, sleep in my chest

My cloud push sound waves
In my ears
Fast as bullets
They break in my belly
They hold out their hands
They raise me to dance again

My mother make her way
Through the darkness surrounded me
My mother make my way
With a sword and a shield, she protect me

She’s like a window in my heart
When she fallin’ flyng, she slips down there (a window in my heart)
She’s like a window in my heart
The notes shine there and fill myself

Above my head
I know your face
I hear some voices that breaks in my chest
Dirty waves in my veins
(she’s waiting for me)
I ate the spark
That I saw in your eyes
And I’ve stretched out my hands
To be hold in your arms

the defiance-rise-2017-like thunder

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