So far away from home

Black as Coal, Salvatore Amara & the Easy Blues Band, 2018

It's so easy                                                    to feel love and joy

If you think about                               your sweet days



It's so easy                                                    to be smiley and kind

When you got a lot                                       more and more



But it's hard (to bear)                                    when you're out of job

And the bills pile up                                     day by day


Well, the bills pile up                                    day by day

You can barely stand      up                          straight


Can't remember                                   your wife and son          

Your ma and pa                                  been so long!


Can't write home                                 you don't have a stamp

Sixteen cents a day                             just payed for some bread


How many killed themselves    sick of pain

Just lie down                                                all alone      


Well, just lie down                    all alone

Without anything                      but a heavy heart


Don't know where                              could get some help

They treat you badly                           and you bow your head


Forced your wife                      to go on the game

'Cause the food                         so bad                   it's a shame


Drivin' around blind                 never end


And you're workin' hard so far                     away from home

So far away from home

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