Lantias, Elena Ledda, 2018

Heart of mine open the Spring by love keys, tulips and peonies run together to embrace me. Proud to be beautiful I am headed for your tower singing my flowers for you come, Life, to come into view ay ma vie, ay ma vie, mi reina, ay ma vie ay ma vie, mi sol, ay, ay ma vie ay mi coloreada, cachito of the corazòn Hands are leaving to reach the Summer passing on your skin, red and white roses are now your caresses. Let me be the gardener to sow your flesh and plow, Land of mine, your furrows by strong kisses ay ma vie, ay ma vie, mi reina, ay ma vie ay ma vie, mi sol, ay ma vie, ay mi coloreada, cachito del corazòn Autumn seeks for Winter’s embrace while denuding itself, in my reddish purple castle you will find a warm mansion. Let us go, my king, towards south with this bouquet of flowers and in our fruitful wombs a sweet scent of zagara.

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