Rounded as Time

Superior Glow, Seacrash, 2016

If we steal our hearts today, we must be very brave 
I'll just keep on look at you, as you were on my route 
I won't ever shout aloud even when you're late 
I’ll just change the speed of light to join you when the time is curved 

And now, how can I get to you? 
the time’s still and I cannot move 
the wheel can’t send me backwards to 
the boy I was in 92 

that's not the same old day and neither another place 
Once you told me “straight ahead, you can’t go wrong sir!” 
Now I noticed I am just on my feet again 
But I ran out of breathe to meet 
Someone I knew yet 

And now, now I can face the truth 
each face I meet looks like you 
we're still into our safety drape 
we save our heat for future colder days 

And now, how can I get to you? 
the time’s still and I cannot move 

and I can't refuse 
chase a mood or to choose 

I’m rounded and perfect as time 
look at me I’m a dime 

I'm right here in your hand 
and you've got time to spend 

and in the game where you're late 
if you win I can't play

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