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2017, november

A selection of songs from Sardinian artists on Spotify. Some new and others more dated, in this mainly pop and rock rhythm, but not excessively heavy. For a complete listening click on the link and log in.

  1. Herbert Stencil, 1977
  2. The Heart and The Void, Like a Candle
  3. Carlo Addaris, Distanti
  4. Hola La Poyana, Liar
  5. Dainocova, Capo Tribolazione
  6. Mario Nardi & USDE, Saturday Afternoon Blues
  7. Fratelli Detroit, J.S.
  8. Man On The Margin, Empty
  9. Seacrash, Gone Wrong Song
  10. Fujima, Fiction Is In You
  11. Andrea Cubeddu, Blues In My Veins
  12. Goose, A Fondo
  13. King Howl, Screaming
  14. Apollo Beat, Restless
  15. Irene Loche, Ring Around The Rosie


Have a good listening!

Translated by Daniela Schirru

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