Midnight Stalker

Nowhere Fast, Thunderdome, 2017

Through the heavy rain I watched beyond the wall

He was standing there and then I heard the call

It's a cold idea it's like a growing fear

I can see him clear he's slowly closing in


How could I sleep in the night anymore

Save me from myself I cannot shelter anywhere

You fool me with this game I cannot help getting insane

When the twilight comes I hear my heartbeat loud


He won't leave me be I see him through the crowd

Twisted figure black red eyes that burn my back

Maybe he's hiding here he's in the atmosphere

I know for real this will go on and on


The desperation slowly grows when hope takes too much to come

It's making all my thoughts of stone

I know he's here to steal my breath slowly intertwines the net

On my despair he always fed


It can't be seen it can't be done

I can't go on like this no more no one looks at me like before

My brain is rotten to the core

Am I the only one who sees his refined machinery


In death I'll find delivery

I know what's true now you will too just come with me I'll set us free

From all those pills

Blame it on myself I found a shelter in my head

I still see him when it rains in this straightjacket I feel safe


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