Me and My David’s Blues

Bad Blues Quartet, 2017

I remember when you got on the stage
I’d been warned that I would have gone crazy
Playin’ you guitar showing off all your rage
Singin’ Stevie Ray you just made me so glazy
I rocked the floor and I spent all my energy
And that dance still shines bright in my memory

First time you called it was late in the night
Precious time wasted while I felt all alone
It was always the right time to bring you inside
I was your groupie, your lover and you king on the throne
Dirty bed sheets and sweet whispers on my neck
‘till you got tired and you never came back

I never thought it would end this way
Your way of loving took my breath away
You said many things, they were all lies
Thrown out in the trash surrounded
Surrounded by flies…

Four years later we met up in a bar
You had a son and your life was all changed
But that didn’t phase the asshole you are
You heard me singing, oh…isn’t that strange?
Surprised you asked: “are you Robert Johnson?”
And it all started over without any caution

I have no words for the way that you hurt me
I get dirty with you and then comfort your wife
I had to be perfect but I couldn’t be free
It was too much for me, it was twisting my life
But then I broke free and I got rid of you
I loved another man and I never was blue

This was long ago about seven years
I’m living my life in a far away town
We are friends on the phone and I never shed tears
All we want is to fuck and we both wear the crown
You said catch the first flight I miss our crimes
We are gonna have fun just like the old times

I never thought it would end this way
Your way of loving took my breath away
You told me the truth and this is all new
You hold me tight, I’m the only…
Yeah! The only one for you

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