Mario Nardi & USDE, Van Music Records 2016

Review of Daniela Schirru

The first studio album by Mario Nardi, in collaboration with Underground Sunshine Drum Ensemble, acromyned in U.S.D.E., (born Lorenzo Mele, ex-Fratelli Detroit’s drummer), is entitled MN USDE and it was produced by Matteo Marini’s Van Music Records, in 2016. This record connects typical features of country-blues music, mixing them with pop-folk sounds from the British musical scene. Assimilating it in an imaginary enlarged space where there could be Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn Richard Ashcroft and Paolo Nutini.

Just two instruments, guitar and drum, which take Mario Nardi’s voice by hand in a game of multicolored sounds.

The lyrics

Texts were written between 2011 and 2015, between London and the deep and sunken Sulcis. They have as inspiration a woman to whom our artist writes following a dream-direct approach and the bustle of those deep interpersonal relationships each of us bump into our own life.

Among all stands Godless, the only one of all lyrics written by four hands, those of Mario and Lorenzo, which is characterized for the presence of a simple guitar sound to which the maracas are added, giving to the text a peculiar and unique jerk, reflecting a sort of dialogue with this woman, talking about a relationship with God. That God that “does not take the blame for everything”, but that observes the passing of time without doing nothing.

My Boy, with its indie-pop touches and a marked rhythm, has a heartfelt text, part of a dream, of something desired and believed to be able to achieve.



As a whole, a good record of pleasant listening even to less trained ears. A blast of blues rhythm combined with more pop nature atmospheres and with something that leads to certainly danceable warmth.


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