Let's fight

Black as Coal, Salvatore Amara & the Easy Blues Band, 2018

Now we have to stand up                             i guess it's our time

"no more bosses" we'll shout together


Workin' hard like slaves                     hungry, but not blind     

Get out from this land forever


Without sleep, never safe                   

Many of us are still dying today

With our powerful hands                             

We're just claiming back respect                   respect


We must help each other                     in these times of need

Just ridin' it out                        

Show them we're still here to fight                let's fight!


The guards of the mine's are greedy

Rogues and trigger men

They don't care about your rights

Lying in the store                      smoking and drinking booze

Without love, grace or light


Get out those raiders out we must rip this bad plant down

Ready to strike a blow     no more rats can be found

No more


To defeat the fear  you must embrace your fears

Dealers, engineers we don't want to see you anymore

So, let's fight!

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