“We’ll meet again” is out on September 14th

Waiting for the new album of Irene Loche

The scenes were performed in the magnificent coastline between Bosa and Alghero by Alessio Cuboni, a director from Ogliasta, one of the beautiful Sardinian’s lands.

Cuboni is one of the most interesting Sardinian directors who has received much achievement in international and national competitions with his short film Lost in the White, which has been realizedbetween Villagrande and Fonni’s snow, and is a strong collaborator for Mauro Aragoni, as first assistant director in films like Nuraghes and Nuraghes S’Arena.

Emilio Canu of Officine d’Immagini is, instead, the Director of Photography.

With intimistic colors, We’ll meet again is a sweet song but with a strong feeling, telling about realities we have to face in our life, but always with a positive mood.

“Time can change your mind/ through life and experience/ every time we say farewell/you know, we’ll meet again”.

Carried out in cooperation with Magnatone USA, the American homemade guitar amplifiers, of which Irene is endorser, and registered by Attilio Lombardo at The Chicken Coop Studio in Alghero.

In the video, we can see, with Irene playing a beautiful guitar created by Uccio Saccu, the Pozzomaggiore’s Lutist, the core of the Sunsweet Blues Revenge, like Luca Canu on bass, and Alessandro “Sbiru” Cau on drums, and it is the first piece of the album that will come out soon, following the 2016’s EP Garden of Lotus.

 Here is the video. 

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