in the planet of shiva - 03sidian - michele uccheddu - supranu records - sa scena sarda - simone la croce - 2018

In the planet of Shiva

03sidian, SupraNu Records 2018

Review of Simone La Croce, Translation of Daniela Schirru

What Michele Uccheddu proposes on his debut as 03SIDIAN is not a usual project. His creation is born, in 2017, during his studies at the University of Vaasa in Finland, where Michele is attending a master in sound design, and ends, with its mastering, in Sardinia. However, it is not even in the architecture one.

In the planet of Shiva, as specifically declared, is "a record without specific references", which at very early listenings, even absent-minded, reveals within it a central idea, only at first glance untouchable. The record, mixed in its form, sounds sizeable and the trend of the tracks - and of the plays – is implementing the marked path. Not only a jump back in time through the nineties’ electronic glories, but also a long and slow journey between improved environments and wild nature’s surpluses.

michele uccheddu - 03sidian - simone la croce - sa scena sarda - 2018

Track to track

Despite an undefined start, during the tracks flowing, the sounds close in, revealing the results of this trial in one of the most important ways. So we hear the first drone’s hints and world music (Embyro) enhanced by Sergio Tifu’s synth, while in Whash me the roads are bumping into inserts of trance and techno, accelerating the pace on the Finnish peninsulas among midnight suns and aurora borealis. The listener is very surprised: long jungle rugs, synths and electroclash flashes are suddenly stopped by Spanish guitar arpeggios (Rhythm) whereas in Mind of Jackob we can hear a drumandbass and a trip-hop sound taking the stage, giving color to the song. Nevertheless, everything is constantly changing. Settings are dark and night falls (Mess and paint). In the second part of the album, the nature’s revival through electronic skill underlines the contrast, destabilizing and welcoming the listener repeatedly.

Therefore, from Ice’s disturbing sounds time passes on Canyon side’s western sides, with hints of folk and tex-mex guitars. In Planet shape turns back ambient experimentations, expanding the sounds and the horizons to Into the cave’s powerful bass, evoking the unknown exploration and darkness jumps, highlightedby Mario Massa’s skewed trumpet.  Contradictions follow each other until the last song (Shiva) where techno sounds’ angularity collides with the comfort offered by piano and double bass.

michele uccheddu - 03sidian - sa scena sarda - simone la croce - 2018

Tribal electronic

In the work the ambient’s idea is brought to exasperation, while evocation is fixed and musical references are extremely multi-colored. Much space is given to tribal and ancestral sounds, which are constantly recalled by electronics but also skillfully investigated with obvious traditional instruments that embellish the record. Rhythms set the pace, leaving few empty spaces: the percussionist's imprint is strong, dominating the whole project.

In the planet of Shiva is a project that getting hold of the last twenties musical styles making them as theirs sometimes with hesitation, playing so still bitter in certain points and outwardly hesitant on others. However, it is still a successful album and an efficient project, wide-ranging and perspective, defined and valiant to be recognized as a masterpiece, hoping for the future production of the musician from the Sulcis area.

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