Hold On!

Rise, The Defiance, 2017

Bless my song
The ink has never been so heavy
You threw yourself whole, so I rember
You used your abyss to hug me
So what are you waiting for?
Hug me and embrace yourself
Find a safe place and give it a name


Scream until you break your vocal chords
Cause I’m light years away
Years have passed and so defeats
breaking your knees on the hard life coming


Bless my soul
Cause I’ll need to hold on
They say “home is where your heart is”
But the writing seems to fade
The time has marked the nostalgia
The nostalgia has marked the time
They say “home is where your heart is”
I’ll try to find you because you know I’ll miss you


So screams until the strength will leave you
cause you’re so far away
Rock me in your belly
Rock me in your arms
Like you did when I grew up
You lost your hair and shook them away from my shirt
Years later you removed them from my beard
Bite my lips (bite mine and your own lips)
Write and repeat "I'll find a safe place"

the defiance-rise-2017-like thunder

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