Happened to me

Superior Glow, Seacrash, 2016

Happened to me 
when my heart stopped to wheel 
whistle of brakes in my ears 
obscuring the beat of your heart 
no, I don’t feel nothing 

down by my window 
there's the rusty train 
it never moves so it's never late 

and i can't complain 
‘Cos you are not coming to me 

and from a willow 
leans a nightingale 
it looks downwards 
still and fluffy and grey 

no one say “goodbye I'm going” 
no salty stain flowin’ 

and really don’t know how 
I imagined that train movin’ 
A bell is ringing merging to a train roar 
a love is driving at illegal speed 
but who cares where it could be 
when you don't feel nothing? 
And I really don’t know why 
This things are happened to me

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