Dopo il diluvio

Goose, Seahorse Recordings 2017

Review by Daniele Mei, translated by Daniela Schirru

It is love that drives Stefano Sotgiu to write Goose’s songs. Love for life and the simple things, love that also involves difficulties, the natural one between a man and a woman, not the sick and possessive one of mainstream songs.

One can breathe simplicity of mind and desire of being a better person in Dopo il diluvio, almost a declaration of serenity after dark and lost moments.

That moment when you have realized much of your life’s desires and now you are able to decide which way and direction to take, leaving illusions and future behind.

Much of the journey has been done, now it must be enjoyed with the right awareness and otherwise it is not a big problem: in the end, we are, as Stefano sings “un progetto gettato nel mondo”, feasible, improvable, needing a constant work and research about oneself and new ideas.

Energy comes, just check it out.

The band’s support to these lyrics, that is not easy to match to other pop artists, is decisive, complex but never intrusive. A not perceived complexity at the first listening. There is so much inside of it: every instruments make an important job, playing a key role in the band’s sound.

It’s a folk-pop energically well-played: you can hear piano and organ embroideries as Al Kooper’s, a very present drum, but with the right personality, the nice and powerful bass guitar, and the guitars that know how to accompany or even give a perfect rock sound to all the lyrics (how beautiful is Lontano’s beginning).

The bows give a neverending tone and make me think that these songs should be at the top of all music charts, instead of the emptiness that is musically spreading, giving the heterogeneity of potential users.

It is music for everyone, with the added thickness.

In my personal ranking stands out the glittering gloominess of A fondo, “e affondo in un mondo che non è perfetto”, a splash in daily grains with the violin ruling the roost. 

Another song I love is Gioia, which is essentially Goose, inextricably connected to the smiling melancholy of Tutto come allora and 30:40, but with the maturity of a man who has achieved happiness by looking at the beauty of his family and to all of his memories.

Recorded by Paolo Messere for Seahorse Recordings, Dopo il diluvio is a record that has to be heard without blinking, without any prejudice and in no hurry to have satisfaction and gratification in a well-played pop rhythm, as it’s hardly to find in the recent Italian musical world.


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