Ghost of our Mistakes

Nowhere Fast, Thunderdome, 2017

Every morning in your suit traffic jam is choking you

You tried your best but it's too late

Fall to pieces inner faith when your breath became so short


Closed in your room

Crying in silence to face the truth

Empty stares and broken heart was the better way to start


Now that you become aware

It's not easy to forget all the words we left unsaid

A deja-vu, it's always the same but it's up to you

The ghost of our mistakes awaits to crush the dreams we take away


We only have to walk the line to reach the peace we need to find

We can't pretend our lives are fine to turn the face won't hide the sight

Take the chance to clear your mind try to leave your past behind


As time goes by (don't lose your head)

We seem so blind, searching for the light

In our mind and in our soul dwells the hope to carry on

Break the walls of our fears


Time is running out and we don't know

The way we live is under our control

Time is running out and we deserve

The chance to try and live and learn again


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