Genetic Smile

Rise, The Defiance, Seahorse Recordings, 2017

say with me "loneliness" son
i can feel your emptiness
it's not a hole inside
it's just another way
the only way to live

have you ever seen a face
a face without a smile?
it's like a child in the horror movies
he will never come back home
then we build one for him

try to believe
i made the same mistake
i don't wanna be
a simple man
i don't wanna be sad
i wanna be that child
the child who returns at home

i wanna feel something real
reality is into your mind

i'll forget the faces and voices
i will set fire to all my presents
but not the time,but not the time

i will set fire to all my presents
i'll forget the faces and whispers
but not the smile,genetic smile

D.N.A. memory will save us from hell

(Loving and twisting)
(I know you want me, I know you teach me)
you're not a soldier
i'm not your captain
mercy for who dares in defiance of weakness
long shows for dreamers inside their madness about acceptance
long live to the dancers
find your resistance

"tell me why you smile"
i've got the fire
i'll burn one day

i wanna smile today,why not?


stand by me
so i can feel

i'm gonna burn my days

the defiance-rise-2017-like thunder

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