Francesco Fr3nk Liori

Figurative art and music: the illustrations of Fr3nk

Article by Angelica Porcu, translated by Daniela Schirru

Francesco Liori: Fr3nk

The human being who lives in these years, where the lord is unfortunately the economic crisis, why should approach the immense art world?

There are those who follow their own passions, or their simple personal pleasure.

There are also those who choose art as communication medium in order to arrive in the most direct sometimes upsetting way to people’s heart.

But there is also that makes it for business, creating a real work around the art.

All these motivations have given rise to a perfect marriage to give life to Francesco Liori’s creations, aka Fr3nk,.

Liori, who was born in Cagliari in 1985, is the illustrator at Machete Crew and Co-founder of Doomdays Society.

Comics, sketchs and so on

Francesco Liori was lucky enough to grow up in his parents’ bookshop in contact with books, comics and records.

When you look at his works, it is clear how the environment in which he grew up has had a noticeable influence in his own artistic world.

We can think, for instance, at the comic strip, an artistic field in which masters like Mike Mignolia, Katsuhiro Otomo, Simon Bisley, to name but a few, were important role models for Liori, or still the posters from the Fourties and Fifties’ horror films and the punk-rock and psychedelic music’s records from the Sixties.

Gustav Klimt, Robert Williams, Salvador Dalì, Hans Ruedi Giger, Federico Fellini and Stanley Kubrick have been essential cultural points of reference for the artist from Cagliari, as well as tattooing art and rock iconography.

The art celebrated in Francesco Liori’s works is, compared by the same character concerned to the music world, a refined communication medium: it is as if you were playing an instrument, where it is useful to know the notes in order to compose a melody.

Salmo’s illustrator

Paper and pencil are the tools in which Francesco Liori starts to work.

It starts messing up and slowly are modelled shapes up to go to the most valuable papers, the Indian inks and to the digital coloring, but the brainstorming-sketch is the most important work’s step.

Inside the wide range of works realized by Francesco Liori, we remember the famous cover of Hellvisback album by the Italian rapper Salmo.

As we can see from the album’s title, it is natural the presence of a very clear homage to Elvis Presley, icon of the past that continues to live in the contemporary age. An image that is transformed by our artist with today’s connotations, in which the past has been mixed with contemporaneity thanks to the artist’s immense knowledge.

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