Every Hug

Madame Curie, 2018

be aware is what is making you stronger
and allows you to look ahead
too often you confused it with resignation
every time that anger confused the mind
actually you just waisted time
waist and lose time and than regret it

it slowly slips away from your fingers
and crashed to the ground
every time you went away without turning back
even if were dying inside
but you let the distance became an abyss
too dark and deep to be crossed again

every hug you didn’t give
every “I love you” you didn’t say
all these things are by now lost forever
by now lost forever

living in the present seems to be simple
but not for those who suffer the weight
of the past and always looks ahead
without too many illusions
each tile of this mosaic built a hard shell
that will resist to every bad weather

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