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Festival SpazioMusica _ See The Sound | Pulses – Festival in Sardegna

Ottobre 1 alle 21:30 - 21:45

Festival SpazioMusica - See The Sound - Teatro Massimo - 2019 - eventi - Sa Scena Sarda

Festival SpazioMusica | Pulses

1 Ottobre

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Teatro Massimo, sala M3
Ore 21.30
FREMEN (Natalia Wojcik)
Pulses (2018), acusmatico

The title Pulses refers to the central motif of the composition. Throughout the whole music piece the titular Pulses have their literal and less apparent representations. A pulsing rhythm appears and disappears in the lower register leading eventually to the pounding, higher-frequency climax. Pulse is also the basis for creation of the timbre of many other musical gestures in the composition. Pre-imposed limitations constituted the foundation of the creative process. The material upon which the composition was developed, consisted of four samples only; white noise was manipulated four times by a frequency equalizer. The samples were later cut, arranged in time and space and adjusted with volume. No other sound processing effect was used.


Ottobre 1
21:30 - 21:45
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