Eternal Light

Nowhere Fast, Thunderdome, 2017

The veil of faith we made the truth

The man is blind and I will wait behind

A look within Hipocrisy

The only law they they seek is grudge and pride

On and on the game grows strong


Bow your head no tear to shed

Try to face reality all your souls belong to me

Don't be so rude, unsatisfied

The man is far beyond your blind desire


Hundreds of years they show no fear

A twist of fate should look an odd demise

Raise your voice keep your arms held tight


None can turn off your Eternal Light

Take a chance you will find path is clear in your mind

Head up high fill with hope your eyes

Deep inside you bring Eternal Light


Once upon a life away to tremble was a shame

No time to hesitate no place for any hate

Those dreams have gone away...

Their souls of mercy were denied, used to walk on side by side

The purple line is closing near what a waste of life


It is my greatest fear

Unforgivable your levity on who they really are

Crimson shards of faith and truth will shine

Under the darkest moon

Suffering they die


I'll crush your sons, or even better,

They will have it on their own

If it is your will ( I swear it is ) you're wrong ( instead I'm strong )

When they seem to fall ( I'll take them all ) they join to carry on

Mighty shades of white ( the sign of your disruption )


Step aside ( just come and try )

The day will overcome the night

Watch your world in decay, ashes, rust, dirt and flame

What you mean by eternal is nothing more than endless agony

With an overwhelming violence time was stopped


In sudden silence seizing new redemption

Leave your lapses behind, choose the right one more time

Through the mist heart is shining bright, deep inside you bring Eternal Light


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