A photografic season

Emiliano Cocco, summer 2017

Sa Scena Sarda has the honor to work on with Emiliano Cocco, a valuable photographer who has in the quality of his pictures, with a wilder passion for all kind of music, his winning arrow.

Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Electro, Jazz, Blues and others more interesting music concerts!

In these slides, you can enjoy all of the beautiful pictures made by him. Pictures that want to tell several events enjoyed from spring to autumn 2017 in the Sardinian island, where you can find many beautiful things, and people who want to do, create, produce and more for telling a beautiful story of life and music.

From Duna Jam to Summer Is Mine, from Nieddittas Groove Fest to Here I Stay Festival, but also Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz and Karel Music Expo, as well as many other events that emerge like precious stones in every mysterious island’s nook and cranny, particularly in the summer season.

International artists like Mats Gustafsson, Mike Watt and his Sogno Del Marinaio, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hamid Drake, Andy Moor, Terrie Ex, Ken Vandermark, Burn Sugar the Arkestra, Dark Tranquillity, Matt Elliott, Elektro Guzzi, Moonspell, Liars, Ian Svenonius.

Not only these ones, but also Afterhours, Sikitikis, Herbert Stencil, Mara Redeghieri, The Giorgieness, Apollo Beat, NicolòCarnesi, Movie Star Junkies, His Clancyness, Alessandro Fiori, Sabbia, Niagara, the beautiful and valuable Giungla and others more!!

All of this is only a small proportion of what is happened at this time in our beautiful island.

For those who might need the eyes candy, in contrast to people who still continue to complain and always say that “Sardinian is a poor land without any interesting things to do, interesting places to visit, or any valuable events to join!!!

Nieddittas Groove 2017


The Sonic Dawn, Dillinger Escape Plan and Dark Tranquillity

Sonic Down, Duna Jam 2017

Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz, XXXII edition, Sant’Anna Arresi

Mats Gustafsson, Summit Quartet

Karel Music Expo, Nel Nome Della Madre, Cagliari

Elektro Guzzi

Here I Stay Festival, Terme di Fordongianus


Summer Is Mine Festival, Iglesias


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