Demon Hunter

Nowhere Fast, Thunderdome, 2017

Deep in the dark where the Evil is crawling

Mankind is threatened and destiny is falling

Shadows are lurking in mud and despair

Strange is the mist that is chilling the air


But in the distance when everything is lost

Rises a Man with a whip and a cross

His heart has no place for anguish and fear

Maybe tonight the salvation is near


Hard be your faith (God please save our souls, may your soul be blessed foreve )

Like the stone of a grave (sign of the cross is burning, be the icon of salvation)


Demon hunter rain and thunder torn the bloody eye asunder

Don't you trust his vile deception stop his dreadful resurrection now


Choirs of horrific melody spreading

Candles are burning but no light is glowing

Shades of the full moon embracing the church

Good and the Evil tonight will converge


Demon hunter holy fighter dawn is shining ever brighter

Belmont name forever-sacred centuries of peace are granted


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