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First part:

Interview with the versatile artist from Muravera, told by Andrea Macis‘s pictures 

I went to visit Danilo in his “Bottega d’Arte” in Muravera. We have made a beautiful conversation and a few of name-dropping, losing ourselves in the colors of his paintings and his works, between pencils, oil paintings, acrylics and other vintage objects, like a beautiful restored bicycle, an archaic radio and some others curious things. Entering in his artisan workshop, we can see the strong bond to his belonging land and folk, with pictures and paintings that explore the Sardinian aspects in different ways and styles. These aspects concern both in a more straight and traditional point (horses, Mamuthones, cowbells, Quattro Mori, masks) and in a personal one, with an ethic visual and with a sort of concern because of the last climatic, social and economic situations the land is living.


Concern that leads to the recycled materials use, such as awareness and responsibilities, in addition to the discussed themes and subjects. Moreover, perhaps, we can see the connection with the musical world and, particularly, that of belly’s, double bass, pompadours, creepers and moto-custom, adding the surfing and the Tiki culture. A style which is part of a well-defined context and which is a form of rebellion to an increasingly marked and obvious cultural decline and depletion. We can read in this interview what we have talked about with Mastru Murtas, trying to explain different themes, seeing his ways to explore himself, in different aspects of life, as the eclectic and deep artist who is now.


Your art style is markedly influenced by music, like rock and roll and generally by its derivatives. What have been your first musical influences?

My music is automatically translated into visual expressions, hence pictures, lines, shapes and colors. Since I was 10/11 years, I have started to play and fall in love with Ramones’s punk music, the rude Steve Bators’s Dead Boys, the Stiff Little Fingers, The Boys, the Buzzcocks, and other similar genres like the Cramps’s psychobilly and the Stray Cats’s rockabilly. For me, therefore, drawing, painting and music have an important influence in my youth, even though I draw as self-taught when I was a baby boy and music came just some years after. All that is clearly expressed in my rock and roll subjects.

booze party- danilo murtas- mastru murtas- muravera

What have been your first steps with your personal music instrument, the bass? And what about your first musical groups?

I was 14 years old when I started to play the bass, driving my mother crazy until I got one. From that moment, I started to play it as a self-taught and I have founded my first group, Macchia Nera, with friends like Massimiliano Secci and Mattia Solinas. Within a few months, we have started our first concerts in some territorial locals, like Totem and Moro, with punk and ska-punk covers.

We had a maxim: “Macchia Nera punk and ska from Muravera

We followed groups like Metanolo, of which we were considered their natural children. There was, although, other groups playing in the area, like Alberto Paderi’s The Nine, Vedova Nera from Burcei and Alberto Sanna from Cagliari, who played more often in San Giovanni’s area.


What about your desire to be the main leader as concerts and festivals planner and then how is the adventure continued to Nuragic Island?

Going ahead with concerts and with the desire to party by me and my friends, we have slowly started to create some situations where people can play, inviting other musical bands to play with us. Therefore, with a group of very much intimated friends, we have organized the Booze Party vol. Zero, which is a private party with invitation to Ever Green, with Nox and dj’s set. I dealt with music management and drawing the event’s posters. We have gone ahead bringing artists like Di Maggio Connection and The Dragons, without any public financial commitments, until 2007.

On 2008, with a public municipal commitment, in Torre dei Dieci Cavalli’s beautiful location, there were the Flashtones, a shrine for the worldwide garage rock scene. A great event, paid admission, which obtained a good success. On 2009, then, the last Booze Party with some international groups, who have engaged also French and Spanish onlookers. Two other events with a single date on 2010 and 2011, then four years of stops until a new opening, on 2016, privately financed, in San Giovanni, with the Nuragic Island. Last year with Slick Steve & the Gangsters and the South Sardinian Scum until this year with, among others, the Legendary Kid Combo and the Barmudas.


to be continued…     (here)


Daniele Mei

Translated by Daniela Schirru


All pictures own to the authors


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