The Burning Dawn

Confrontational, self-published 2017

Review of Emiliano Cocco, translated by Daniela Schirru

The listening of Confrontational’s new album, a group born some years ago, behind that there is Massimo Usai’s figure, starts distractedly.

First of all, the background dealt with the beginning notes of Set the Night Ablaze, first lyric of this new chapter, is still able to arouse interests and curiosity in the listeners, allowing the project to obtain the record on the last two weeks’ ratings.

The Sardinian project, with a wide international scope, looks beyond the Italian borders bringing within itself the awareness of having breathe new life into an imaginary world that has its roots in the Eighties and in a determined movie genre’s soundtrack.

Under the Killing Sun

The lyrics

In Fade Into The Burning, a lyric well-supported by TyingTiffany’s persuasive voice, an histrionic performer who praises interesting works in electro-punk field, we can see the presence of a post-punk with dark-wave patterns.

Cody Carpenter, another celebrated guest present in The Burning Dawn, appears even in three lyrics, thus strengthening the relationship, established up to the A Dance of Shadows’s first album, released in 2015, between the Sardinian music player and the son of the famous director John.

This triptych include the already mentioned Set the Night Ablaze, You Still Kill and Under The Killing Sun.

The last one could be recognized as the right theme for the soundtrack of Stranger Things, one of the most celebrated science fictions of these last years with strong reference of the Eighties.

Instead, Tobias Bernstrup grants his voice for Stranger In The Mirror, a dark shades mid-tempo melody with a retro-wave masters.

Remaining in a movie context, there is Vendetta, a song that let ourselves get carried away with our mind, which is suited to be an ideal soundtrack in the moment in which the villain makes an entrance claiming his victims.

A guitar solo realized by Trevor William Church, the Beastmaker’s lead guitarist, further enhances Queen of Vengeance’s sound.

Threshold of Redemption is an obscure short interlude replaced by an evocative synth rhythm that accompanies Together Again, the conclusive song.

An enjoyable surprise

this new album from the multiplayer from Cagliari that is running to be one of the best-released albums of this ending year.


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