Child of Black

Nowhere Fast, Thunderdorme, 2017

Bring me to North there where the stars meet the rainbow

Here in my land there is no place for the One

And we will preserve you the heart of the Beast has to die

And no one will hurt you


You run from the earth from the sea from the sky

Leaving the shore sailing the hidden dimension

Chalice of gold, promise to come back from in time

Left in the distance wasting the best of my youth



Why have I been held away from the truth?

They fool you they fear you they make you run and kill you

When all is done you feel the shame

Forsaken awaken the weight of loss is greater

When all you have is thorn away


Have I been a runaway

Cross the line through night and day

Heaven or Hell be it, it's the same

Now I've returned look through the edge of the vengeance


Blessed is the blade cut with the eye of a stranger

No mercy can save you as I slowly rise at your back

My justice that beams through

I finally know I'm the real Child of Black


They curse you they plead you a glance of hate upon you

There never was another way

Forgotten forever you have become their Sinner

You walk the road alone again


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