Bomba ww la guerra

Joe Perrino Grog, Minotaur 2017

Review of Angelo Pingerna, translated by Daniela Schirru

A new work for Joe Perrino and his band Grog!

A slog of over 30 years: this is the longest Joe Perrino‘s carreer.

A true legend of Italian underground rock that this time gives us a fascinating album, full of revolutionary energy and poetry.

Two years later “L’Esercito del Male“, a pure heavy rock album, Joe Perrino returns to the scene with “Bomba WW La guerra“, always supported by his Grog, a band that has heavily contributed to writing and to arrange all tracks of this album

In this new album, the Grog’s group is in its original formation:

Joe Perrino on vocals, John Solinas on guitars and Jim Solinas on keyboards, along with the brand new rhythm base with Marcello Capoccia on bass and Gabriele Lobina on drums. All electronic loops and samplers are the work of the rapper Gabriele Eretta “Ergobeat”.

Powerful rhuthms

And the record’s opening is like a punch in the face, both for the very tight music and for the lyrics.

Bomba“, the first track, opens the dance on a dangerous ground: the reference on the Palestinian cause and to those nationless civilisations in the world are very clear.

Powerful rhythms, almost a charge to support a very hard text. A great refrain both in the melody and in words, also supported by the voice of G.L. Perotti (Extrema / Rebel Devil).

La più Grande Delusione” is a song against the standardization of thought, the trivialization of ideals and their death. It opens with an almost pop refrain, deviating into a heavy hard rock and a 70s closure with the synths at its best. Definitely one of the most beautiful and full of sensibility songs.

Then, in “La sindrome di Peter Pan” there is the desire of always feeling young with adult fears, represented by a claustrophobic atmosphere.

The Grog hit hard with background traces of feedback and noise, in a very heavy mid-tempo. Like in the song “La giostra di Momotti“, where we can find the meeting between the carousel, children’s fun, and the Momotti (the black man, the bad monster). The showdown between the lighthearthedness of being a child and the ever-increasing fears with which we must clash.

A Japanese instrumental melody opens the dances for the second gem of the album. “La mia piccola Hiroshima“. The song explains the desire and the hunger to always look for something new when a relationship begins to deteriorate, when the feeling of love turns into hate.
A very intense refrain, strengthened by a very heavy and melodic guitar at the same time. A surprise ending, after a few seconds of silence, a hip-hop groove starts with the looped refrain and Gabriele Eretta Ergobeat puts on a cameo reminiscent of the New York hip hop of the 80s and 90s.

Oltre il dolore dell’incomprensione” talks about the difficulty and sometimes the inability to express one’s feelings in the relationship between a man and a woman. An electric slog that eventually leaves you breathless.

A recommended album.

The album closes with “Madre“, already present in the previous album.
Here we find it in a masterful new role of very modern power ballad and with a guest of great respect: Gianni Maroccolo (Litfiba/CCCP/Csi /Marlene Kuntz and many others). His contribution to the song is heavy in order to hear his bass making “Madre” even more heart breaking than the previous version.

This “Bomb, w w la guerra” is probably the highest point in Joe Perrino‘s career. Recommended!


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