Blu macchiato di blu

Texile, Stella Recordings 2017

Review written and translated by Daniela Schirru

Blu macchiato di blu is the first Texile ep, a group from Cagliari born on 2016 thanks to an idea of  Valentino Murru,  who has already known in the Sardinian musical scene for his previous experience with the Antennah, from which Texile could be recognized as their unquestioned heirs.

The band is formed, as well as by Valentino, drummer and songwriter, by Grace, a singer with a voice that takes the listeners breathless, Gabriele Loddo on bass, Luca Becciu on guitars and by Simone Mattana on keyboards and on synths.

It is followed by the Stella Recordings, musical label created by the classic-ambient pianist, Stefano Guzzetti, major at international level in order to his collaboration with la Mute and for several soundtracks and albums (his record Japanese Notebooks in our ranking of the best albums released on 2017).

The lyrics

The EP is a concentration of pop-rock sound.

Non è niente, is a forgotten pearl of the past reworked by the group in a modern key, with a tuned lullaby that presents an orchestral background made famous by an awesome and very young Catherine Spaak, and that Grace’s voice can vibrate with a strong intensity.

Explosive melodies that take a touch of pure electricity in the listeners, also for, as mentioned, to our singer’s sensual voice, that lives in every note, and for every instrument’s marvelous rhythms.

The first song, Anche se, talks about an ambiguous relationship between a man and a woman, an “enter and exit” relationship, an escape and a return.

Each instruments accompany Grace’s sensual voice in a harmonic game of multicolored pop: a shiver along the listener’s spine that throws somebody away from the crowd in a nostalgic abyss.

Settembre, represents the most pop song of the band, visceral and hypnotic, that takes you into a sort of dark limbo from which it is not easy to get out of.

It blows you in, overwhelming and accompanying you in this magic of sound and vibrations like ah mysterious lover that holds you by hand wherever you go, in whatever dream you are.

An endless musicality parabola, always accompanied by the wonderful voice of Grace, like sinking in a sea of notes.

In addition, the video is an emotion of colors with hitchockian taste, directed by the talented Swedish director Niels Jensen.

Last song, Lontano Lontano, is perhaps the one where the singer’s voice acquire a more seductive tone. 

Sweet and delightful, it takes advantage of the accompaniment on keyboards and synths in a rainbow of bass: a magic of enchantments.

texile liive @fabrik

An extraordinary debut EP

that has earned the third position in the ranking of the best 2017 ep on Sa Scena Sarda, waiting for the first LP that should come out on the first months of 2018 always under the attentive production of Stefano Guzzetti.

Moreover, the album cover, that seduces with that fair and enchanted childlike face, in its foreground, makes a considerable impression.

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