Black as Coal (s.r.)

Black as Coal, Salvatore Amara & the Easy Blues Band, 2018

I'm gonna tell you a story     

About unity and love                         come along     and join us

Now pay attention


We need to stay together                  

And get what we want                                   heads up everybody


I mean, all of us                                

We're stronger than apart                  let's clean up the place


Power is made by unity                    

And the power is always right                     

So fight the good fight                     

Without guns, tears or blood                         just the weapon of love


Don't be afraid of what you are        

Not afraid to tell the truth

That's about as bold                          

As it gets    but here              

Is still all black as coal                                

Black as coal


Go ahead brothers                                        

What are we waiting for?                              We're fed up with this mess

To keep our freedom                                    

Struck down, but still alive               beggin' mercy and revenge


We've been exploited our lives                    

Mistreated in the worst way 

No more killings, no more crimes   

But live in peace and harmony                      

no more sorrow and  misery


Jungle's no place for the fearful       

We just need to show them

That we are not weak                                   

But here                     

Is still all black as coal                                

Black as coal                                                 come along     and join us

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