Billy Bulldozer

Nowhere Fast, Thunderdome, 2017

No more booze when you wake on hangover

Once again Mama saw it through

Feel like run down by a Billy Bulldozer

There's no chance that I will learn so


Even if I am needing a shower

To be kind at least to who's around

Self esteem has never been lower

So I have to start the coming round


Days have gone how many more just come and check the store

Life is on a plane but there's no navigator

When I lie I make it twice I wanna be so sure

If I smile, it's like a kind of alligator


Hate those looks in excess of comprehension

It makes me feel like I was always right

Or the hypocritical neighbor's expression

While their daughter's eating cream pie


Found a job at Betty's Love Corner

Twenty bucks and I make my day

Anyway it's good for the boner

It's a shop where lonely ladies lay


It's a game it's not for fame we never had it all

Someone rolls the dice and we don't understand that

There is always something more that we cannot control

It's a point of no return the road we walk on


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