I'm not dead yet

Big Bon, Talk About Records 2018

Review of Muflone

Big Bon is one-man band, behind which is Mirko Zoroddu, born in Sardinia, but based in Bologna, just like River of Gennargentu, who also produced the album.

I’m not dead yet, as the record is called, comes out for the most active Talk About Records, and it consists in only seven tracks.

I am going to listen to it, mentally placing him in the groove of current nourishing and excellent host of Sardinian one-man band, expecting then some blues.

The work is instead, from the first listening, a totally folk record, meaning that kind of American one, from Woody Guthrie and then, both musically talking, and as regards for lyrics, involved in some Sardinian social issues, such as the military occupation in certain places (Devil takes my soul).

mirko zoroddu - big bon - river of gennargentu - talk about records - sa scena sarda - 2018

A mixture of sounds

It starts with Good People, a gospel voice and heel song that immediately helps us to get us into the dusty North American thirties. Then it continues with three typically folk songs, in a rather lively voice, guitar and harmonics, like Cotton Fields, Gambler Blues and Let it burn.

The constant use of resophonic guitar and the particularity of its sound helps us to stay in this atmophere of great American depression, while the versatile and capable Mirko’s voice reminds us that we are facing a contemporary musician.

The next two tracks tell us a very mature man. The devil takes my soul and Waiting for the sun are, surely, the best-recordedsongs from the record, both in songwriting and in lyrics.

The record ends with a funny all guitar and harmonics track, Dirty Roads, but the entire album let us a bit of bitter taste in the mouth because of its shortness.

mirko zoroddu - big bon - river of gennargentu - talk about records - sa scena sarda - 2018

The best soundtrack with Huckleberry Finn

If you liked or actually like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s adventures, if you have loved main character in The Grapes of Wrath (Furore in Italian), Tom Joad the myth, you know that this record could be an excellent soundtrack for that kind of readings.

Good Listening!

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