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(For a more straightforward understanding of this story is advisable to listen all songs in this record: click on the links and watch the video at the end of the text.)


A thunder

Although grey clouds do not even shade.

October, almost November, and a heat that apparently must not alarmize us. A brought that turns into a desert. But the woods are far away, closed in the world outside the daily life. So, a relative problem for the most. What else is to worry about? By now the climate cycle in the world is changed in this way

Music in general, starting with hardcore punk. We have talked about this with the songwriter Andrea Andrillo, a name of art or necessity, focusing on this Sardinia that we all want to imagine as the legendary Atlantide before this blessed rain.

Yes, hardcore punk, because to write these total songs, with their pop, folk songwriting and rock sounds, surrounded by so many similar elements, we have to start from a farther listenings: hardcore punk, trash metal, stoner rock, also electro, techno, classic but especially Robert Zimmermann, the Majesty Bob Dylan.

CCCP’s motto: “Produce, deplete, die.

It starts with music coming from Africa and Asia, Chile and Sardinia.

Neither a gender line can stop Andrea’s curiosity and musical omnivorousness. After all, these bounds and genres that should facilitate the listening’s identification often become fences where those inside of it are not looking beyond it. We are talking about My Own Prison’s squatting, a great hardcore punk group from Cagliari.

And it is with a Dadaist video that we start dancing without following a real timing thread (but what is the time if not an arid weathering for the rain?). We make us bringing in a strange, fantastic land, like “Les Petites Voitures de Gaguik”. Unstoppable tickings, minimal electronics, spreeches, grumbles, machines that cling to them, blinking eyes, flying balls and so many grey pollutants machines that go emotionless over everything. The video, created at Tracce’s exhibition of the Armenian painter Gaguik Martyriosan, is the passage that puts back Andrea who become a soloist after the sadly ending adventure with the Man On The Margin.

And, now, the current period, the solo one with the first EP, waiting for new works, almost ready to be baked, like a hot manship civraxiu (a very good Sardinian typical bread).

man on the margin-andrea andrillo-sascenasarda

Atlantide prima della pioggia is newsness, is the recent Andrea Andrillo, although a constant evolution.

Atlantide before the rain has been obviously a salty territory. An unlimited world to scrutinize above a coastal tower on a cliff overlooking that sea not easy to cross.

October. Still not a drop of rain. Andrea and I sat talking about so many things, alone, surrounded by many shameless people, who were told that if they do not buy or sell they are nothing. Atlantide was stolen to us, as dogs when their freedom is looted, forced in a cage to break through each other for a bone without meat.

The beauty of these compositions is immediately visible; the instrumental skill is remarkable, coming from Italian to Sardinian that most of the times is like English. But this beauty gets even stronger with repeated listenings, because, in addition to the light sound stratifications, there are still different degrees of reading the texts, that, yes, are made of some easiest slogan, but with a particular meaning that comes after a while. Bowie? There is also he who looks beyond that tower.

And from the tower, Andrea is looking to accommodate the refugees from the populations who are martyred by those weapons we have created.

He does not observe the horizon, waiting for enemies.

Moving from the Man on the Margin’s electricity to his new songwriting project’s acoustic, brings with it a likeable rock attitude. We talked about lived life, fathers and sons, land and sea, marginalized people and belonging to a glorious population. He attracts his own muse and poets with a similar message.atlantide prima della pioggia- andrea andrillo

Andrea’s art is both musical and visual, and each of his songs have its own video, directed by directors who have enviable experiences and qualities. His eclecticism brings him to collaborate with many directors, poets, authors, theaters, but also to be desirable for most interesting areas.

And it is hard to scrutinize the shark (which is represented by bad thoughts) among the cheerful dumps of this big face that has so much to say. All that we can see is an innate sensitivity, an action to resolve problems instead of being worried about. And I think it is all that we need to tackle the world positively.

To listen. It’s good for your health and for those around you.

Daniele Mei

Translated by Daniela Schirru

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