Tardigrades - Ahead / Astern - Sa Scena Sarda - 2019


Ahead / Astern, 2019


 I feel like I’m intoxicated and suffocating I’ve never felt like this before I have been lost into an electronic past Follow me Down to the sea Down to the deep Would you dare? Wake up covered in sweat From a dream where you were running following a straight line path to the bottom of the sea The day is near until then we'll sum it up Sneaking out from your parent's house before daylight Your sleepless nights are countless and counting The sleepless nights The pointless dreams The casualties Like an obnoxious eulogy for all the digital casualties The day is near until then we'll sum it up, in one word

A Brief Conversation

 When you are exiled forced to leave your home You don't want to be displaced you don't want to be dislocated When you are exiled you don't want to be separated The transient life is so ephemeral just like a brief conversation


A Chain Reaction

That girl that you've met down the aisle saved you before you died I think she's so familiar, everything is clicking right tonight come on and grab me come on and wake me come on and save me it’s a chain reaction That girl you've met down the aisle now she's about to cry We smell something like smoke by gunfire or by choke she's attempting to commit a suicide come on and grab her come on and take her come on and save her a chain reaction You cared enough to shoot her right into her heart come on and save her it’s a chain reaction And now...what was it all like? you did a lot of research a lot of time consumption Your friends were always joking but now you're doing pretty well They should stop complaining they didn’t have a chance Now you can touch the ceiling and you’re feeling really brave you better stop complaining now things are going pretty well Everything turned out pretty nice In the end it all turned out pretty nice

A Demise

Stretch out an arm to reach my hand Do not hesitate don't be restrained Extend your help toward my way A gleam of lightning right before the rain However humble you still make me feel invisible, so invisible Crushing you come and go Nerves stretched to the breaking point However humble you still make me feel inadequate, so inadequate A cold comfort will come along the way This is a cultural demise Cause all we do and all we hold on to is gone By now a cultural demise idiosyncratic reach your arm out to touch and grasp an emotion through a dampened glass sticking to the protocol feeling alone in a crowded place there’s no cure for isolation this day will not make history calling it quits in the history community will soon be history no one will go down in history

Exit Strategy

No more cold days as we break free from the landlord he had tied us up with no return except the heart that beats beneath the surface like a quiet wave no more blindfolds or deprivations just a memory of a giant war a quiet sleep beneath the ocean No more sharp teeth exit strategy from my bad sleep no more bugs permeate the ground living underneath I've lost more than a weekend due to a hurricane turn the bright lights on turn the bright lights when the memories fade away like a cosmic sound and the sound screams aloud

Assemble / Disassemble

Keep In Focus

See, we both came from a place of necessity with no outrageous beliefs we refused all standards so this is a formal arrangement and it's clinging to me I'm always trying to move on I'm pushing forward trying to keep in focus but still I feel so limited keeping in focus I still feel so uncomfortable I drove down to you for miles and miles and miles and miles consumed by and old desire some sort of slow erosion so this formal arrangement it's clinging to me I am trying to move on and I am pushing forward trying and trying and trying to keep in focus and still I feel so limited keeping in focus I still feel so uncomfortable right on! I say the last time that you wanted me, versus the last bits that remain I say, right on I say, right now that you hated me, that you screwed me, would you say that you cared about me? there are no more reasons to keep suffering in this place of necessity you digested me you discarded me then you threw me in the dump there are no more reasons to keep suffering

Ground Breaking

Ground breaking you feel that something's coming you hear that something’s coming something is coming down straight through the earth straight to the walls of your goddamned house Walls falling, ground breaking So, everybody is down for the count, alright and history is repeating a close reminder to the day you'll die this is up to you so, when you woke up this morning you felt history's repeating a close reminder to the day you'll die this is up to you When you wake up next morning you'll feel history's repeating a close reminder to the day you'll die this is up to you, this is up to you

Dead Weight

Save time and hurry up these are our last days one-eighty turnaround you've kept your dreams on a shelf while life flowed away it's all been just wasted time Now it's time to clear up your mind to cross the street and make a one-eighty turnaround sea changes heart breaks it was used to to beat from time to time please breathe we're only made of one kind of matter we will stand here behind the line we're not the-dead-weight we’ll preserve our time

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